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Patient’s stories for anti-VEGF treatment

“The Sistina Ophthalmology team helped me even though no one wanted to get involved” – Enes Jonuz

The anti-VEGF (Eylea injection) application helped me save my eyesight in time and improve.

Simnica Zekir (anti-VEGF treatment)

After the second injection my condition improved, but to keep my eyesight and my condition stable, I am here today to receive the tenth injection. The doctor is a professional in every sense of the word and I am very pleased.

Monika Negrevska (anti-VEGF treatment)

Sistina Ophthalmology involved me in their project on ‘Regulated Diabetes – Preserved Vision’ as a patient to share my experience with family doctors, endocrinologists and ophthalmologists to see our side.

“I am very grateful to the two doctors who worked as a team to help me see again.” – Kostanda Cushkar

On August 2, a day engraved in her memory, she suddenly loses her sight. After visiting several hospitals, she comes to us and stays here.