Our dear Monika Negrevska, at the age of 29, bravely copes with the problems caused by diabetes in her eyesight and overall health. People with diabetes can live normally if they take proper care of their condition.

“I started fighting diabetes at the age of 11, followed by insulin therapy and frequent check-ups with a proper doctor to regulate my blood sugar level. In 2015, unfortunately, poorly regulated diabetes led to side effects: hormonal disorders, anemia, but the biggest damage was caused to my vision or the back of the eye. I noticed blurred vision and white spots in the field of vision and was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy at Sistina Ophthalmology. I was taken over by Dr. Fanka Gilevska, who instilled great confidence in me and correctly explained to me the importance of controlling diabetes, my problem and its solution: application of anti-VEGF therapy, i.e. Eylea injections in both eyes, to stop bleeding in the back of the eye. I noticed an improvement in my vision, and in addition to the examinations and recordings that we do with the doctor, we see progress, which I am very satisfied with. ‘Sistina Ophthalmology’ involved me in their project on ‘Regulated Diabetes – Preserved Vision’ as a patient to share my experience with family doctors, endocrinologists and ophthalmologists to see our side – the side of people with diabetes and how important their proper guidance and help to cope with this condition. From all the experience I have, I can say that it is very important to be aware and well informed about the situation you have and to follow the directions of the professionals. I am grateful that we are treating my condition together with the Sistina Ophthalmology team.”