Enes Jonuz (43 years old) is our patient from Skopje who, as a result of systemic disease and its long-term complex treatment, developed neovascularization of the retina with consequent swelling of the optic nerve and macula.

We provided transportation to the hospital and his eye condition improved with anti-VEGF treatment.

“The anti-VEGF (Eylea injection) application helped me save my eyesight in time and improve. Due to my health problems and the therapy I receive, unfortunately, I focused the least on the visual impairment. When I started going to several hospitals for examinations, they did not know the cause of the eye problem and did not want to rush to my aid. I could not drive at night and in foggy conditions. I also felt bright lights and saw less and less. Dr. Fanka Gilevska referred me for additional examinations, consulted with the team and finally we found the reason and the solution for stabilizing my eye condition. I’m great now. For “Sistina Ophthalmology” I can say that they are number 1 in service and efficiency. The doctor gave me her number and it is available to me at any time. “It also means a lot to me that you arranged for me to be transported to the hospital and home, because I could not drive and I did not have to oblige my brother to come with me to take me home.”