Информации за тековно работење во услови на Ковид - 19


Patient’s stories for implantation of multifocal lens

“We have been to clinics in Switzerland, but we have never had such an experience anywhere.”

 "We could have done this operation in Switzerland, but being among your own people, in your own language, you feel more comfortable and you trust them 100%." Jovanka and Borjancho are a wonderful couple who have lived in Switzerland for many years. They made their examination in Sistina Ophthalmology Stip. They were fitted with multifocal [...]

“I hit the jackpot. Sistina Ophthalmology restored my eyesight” – Valentin Nikolovski

“One day after the operation, although it was like that since yesterday, I do not have any problems. “

I could not believe that I could see immediately after the operation – Elfete Braha

17 years ago I noticed that I had an eye problem, as the years went by so did the diopter.

Professionals to the maximum! – Aleksandar Kuzmanoski

I came to Sistina Ophthalmology because I finally decided to get rid of the glasses I have been wearing since I was 3 years old. I am very pleased with the whole team, you are all kind, trustworthy, and approachable at all times. Professionals to the maximum!

The legend Bojan Krizaj chose Macedonia for his health!

After the intervention, I function completely normally, I perform my business tasks and I am athletically active – without restrictions.