“We could have done this operation in Switzerland, but being among your own people, in your own language, you feel more comfortable and you trust them 100%.”

Jovanka and Borjancho are a wonderful couple who have lived in Switzerland for many years. They made their examination in Sistina Ophthalmology Stip. They were fitted with multifocal lenses to correct cataracts and diopters.

“We wanted to do this while we were still young, until other problems like blood pressure, sugar and others started. “At least we have healthy eyesight.”

Jovanka was determined to install multifocal lenses, due to her work in Switzerland, but when they arrived in Skopje with Dr. Biljana Kostovska, Borjancho decided on the same intervention.

“The energy provided by Dr. Biljana Kostovska was wonderful. Jovanka was determined to install multifocal lenses, but when Dr. Tose and Dr. Biljana explained to us, with such words, I could not remain immune and not make the same intervention. This intervention will be for life”, said Borjanco.

“We do not know how to describe the feeling, it is still early because we recently did the intervention, but from the next day after the intervention, we feel that we have taken the right step. Many thanks to Dr. Tose, Dr. Biljana, and Sistina Ophthalmology for making our way to clear vision quickly and easily. We have been to clinics in Switzerland too, but we have not received such a pleasant feeling and respect, anywhere. Now we both see clearly!”