Our dear patient Elfete Braha is overjoyed because she sees without any problems. She came to our clinic to have her diopter removed. According to her age, the anatomy of the eye and her desire for clear vision at all distances – she was a candidate for the installation of multifocal lenses that correct the diopter of near, middle and far vision.

Elfete will no longer need two pairs of glasses to see clearly.

“17 years ago I noticed that I had an eye problem, as the years went by so did the diopter. I had a lot of difficulties in my daily life. I was constantly following Sistina Ophthalmology on social networks, so I decided to come to Dr. Ilir Osmani for a checkup. After the examination, the doctor informed me that in my case it was necessary to install multifocal lenses, and then he explained to me all the details about this intervention. The current situation with COVID-19 was not an obstacle for me to make the intervention because I was ready for it and for me it was urgent. Sistina Ophthalmology organized my arrival from Pristina to Skopje flawlessly and with maximum certainty. The same day they performed the intervention, which was painless, and I with diopters -9 on the left eye and -14 on the right eye, I could not believe that I could see without any problems immediately after the operation. Thanks to the medical staff, and especially to Dr. Ilir Osmani, for his dedication and professionalism.”