Информации за тековно работење во услови на Ковид - 19


Covid-19: Information about working hours and safety measures 

Information about working hours and safety measures

If you are not able to come for an examination, and you need a consultation for your eye condition, our ophthalmologists are available through the service „Online consultation with doctor“.


Dear patients,

I address you again, to inform you that despite the strong challenges we all face, our hospital remains open to provide medical care for better health of your eyes. From the very beginning of the coronavirus our whole team is here for you. Our team of doctors and medical staff, together with the Patient Experience Office in collaboration with colleagues from other centers, continues to be unreservedly committed to meeting your needs (in hospital and online) while following the recommendations of the Government and competent institutions.

As at the very beginning of the crisis, now that we have more knowledge and experience with the virus, we continue with successful and reliable application, without exception, of the highest standards of safety and security at work, both for our patients and our employees. With special care for human needs and humane approach, in this difficult time, we managed to keep our medical and administrative staff healthy and functional, and to provide patients with timely medical care at the time when they need it most.

Watch the video from which you can see what the application of the security measures in our hospital looks like.

Additionally, due to the new trends of secure communication imposed by the corona crisis, our hospital has created more informative content and developed innovative digital solutions such as online consultation and electronic payment, thus helping all those who do not want or can not come in person and have need for an eye doctor.

We are here to justify your trust even in this time of crisis.

Let us continue to respect the measures of protection and thus together help to preserve our health.

Stay healthz and be careful,
Dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski
Medical Director of “Sistina Ophthalmology”


Both medical staff and patients must abide by safety precautions, without exception!

“This year we are working in very different conditions. We, as a hospital, have always respected and applied all the necessary protocols at the highest possible level, thus continuously providing protection to staff and patients. Now it has intensified even more and is our priority. In a pandemic, situations change, sometimes from day to day. The situation is sent at any moment so that we can respond appropriately. In those moments, a quick response and an appropriate change and application of security protocols are paramount.” – says Snezana Ujevic, the chief nurse at Sistina Ophthalmology, a member of the hospital’s crisis staff.

“From the very beginning of the crisis, the hospital has upgraded its work system, introducing a new organization and strict health protocols in accordance with the highest standards of safety and protection. These practices of ours, which have received international confirmation, are continuously monitored and adapted to the new conditions. All recommendations of the Ministry of Health and WHO are followed. From the entrance to the hospital to the operating room, there are protocols and steps that are followed for maximum protection. From conducting an epidemiological survey, measuring temperature, wearing a protective mask, thorough disinfection of the hands, to maintaining a physical distance of two meters and minimizing the movement of patients and escorting them through the hospital. All this is done to make a safe environment for all with minimal risk of infection. The employees are with maximum protection, and the premises such as the waiting rooms and the surgeries are cleaned and disinfected according to the agreed dynamics. “Our hospital has central ventilation, hepa filters, additional UV lamps are used, all in order to reduce the risks to the health of the patient and the staff.”

  • Monday – Friday from 08:00 – 20:00
  • Book appointment:
    • Skopje: + 389 2 3097 000;
    • Bitola: +389 47 226 900;
    • Gostivar: +389 42 210 800;
    • Tetovo: +389 44 357 111;
    • Stip: +389 32 307 100.
  • Regularly scheduled appointments for examinations and interventions will take place smoothly;

  • One escort is allowed for persons coming for examination / intervention.

  • Admission to the hospital is via Entrance A, Entrance B and the Acibadem Sistina Emergency Center;
  • All persons entering the hospital are obliged to pass the control of the entrances that are in operation.

The online consultation service will enable you from the safety and comfort of your home to receive expert advice from our doctor for your eye condition and to receive directions for further medical care or medical report.

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