Mitko Stojanov (38 years old) comes to us from Prilep for strabismus surgery and told about his experience in our hospital.

„I have been wearing glasses all my life, I had strabismus as a child. I visited many doctors and all the time, I almost heard the same conversation that I should wear glasses and that we will see what happens next.

Some time ago, I saw Dr. Viktorija Fileva explaining about strabismus and what the possible solutions are on television. Her words left such a strong impression on me that I immediately said to myself – here is my doctor. I will be operated only by this doctor and no one else. I came to Skopje for an examination and she was exactly the same, full of positive energy that there is a solution for me. We also agreed on an operation.

The operation went great, I must say that in addition to the expertise of Dr. Viktorija Fileva, there was also the entire staff, for whom I have no complaints. Everyone is so nice, willing to help and full of empathy. Now, at the first check-up, my vision is excellent. I tell everyone I know who is around me and has this problem to go to Dr. Victoria and she will find the solution.“