Pediatric Ophthalmologist

Medical speciality:

  • children’s diagnostics and treatment
  • treatment of strabismus in adults and childrenrefractive surgery

Up close with Dr. Viktorija Fileva Fotevska

“We are a hospital for the whole family, for all generations”

  • Children are your specialty. What does the ophthalmological examination cover and when should it be done initially?

The ophthalmological examination of the child is one of the most important examinations and is a necessary step for the proper development of vision. It should be done by the third year of life. Intensive vision development lasts until the end of the sixth year, and the child is never too small for an ophthalmological examination. As vision develops, disorders can and must be treated to allow normal development of the child’s eye and vision. If the obstructions are not detected in time, the treatment results in the late stages are significantly worse. (MORE about eye diseases in children with Dr. Fileva 2-6)

  • Given that you have a specific category of patients, what is your approach?

I, like my colleagues at Sistina Ophthalmology, personalize medicine which means an individual approach to each child and parent. The most important thing for children is to experience the examination as fun and educational. It starts by getting to know the child and talking to them. The trust and safety of the child for me is the most important condition for a successful examination and diagnosis. Then comes a huge A+ on the little and happy hand. That is the first part of the review. The second is talking and explaining the diagnosis to the parents.

  • What is the role of the parents when examining the children?

I dedicate most of my time before and after the examination to the parents, because the treatment or intervention of the children depends on their decision. In my opinion, they are the most important link in successful treatment. They need to understand the type of disease, its course and the possibility of curing it. This is achieved through open conversation and friendship. We are a hospital for the whole family, for all generations, from children to their grandparents.

  • You are the parent of two children at an early age. What do you most want to do with them?

Yes, I am happy and blessed to have two children, a 2 year old girl and a 6 month old boy. When I’m not at work, I dedicate all my time to them. Irina loves logic games, Lego bricks. She is a music lover so singing and dancing are an inevitable part of our day. In the evening, our favorite series is “Give Us Music” („Дајте музика“) and a picture book from our favorite Bibi. Mikhail is still a baby so he is usually in his father’s arms or in mine and associates with us in our activities.

  • Do you have free time and how do you spend it?

Imagine, I have free time (laughs). I use it for my friends, for my sister. I want to go to the cinema, I love a good movie. I also want to go to the theater. My walks through Skopje are beautiful, mostly on Vodno, Matka, City Park. I am a gourmet, so when I can I spend time in the kitchen.

  • Where do you find / draw your strength?

My husband and two children give me the greatest strength. My day begins and ends with them. I would not trade that for anything. All the success stories of happy patients and their smiling faces are a huge motivation and strength for me.

  • What is your favorite city in Macedonia and why?

Ohrid, my hometown. The pearl of the Balkans. It is definitely my favorite place to relax and enjoy. I grew up there, I learned to ride a boat there, to swim, to enjoy the Ohrid wind with a sailboat and I still practice that. Walks along Galicica and the beautiful Ohrid quay or just to sit at my favorite place Kaneo.