Phakic lenses correct high diopters that cannot be corrected with laser diopter correction. Such was the case with Zoran Janchev whose diopter was -9.75 and -7.50. “I was very bothered by the glasses at work, because I work in a factory, so very often during work I would fall, the glass would be blurred or someone would inadvertently knock them. I wore contact lenses for a while, but I often had infections, so I relied more on the glasses each time, so I had an examination for laser diopter correction that found that my cornea was too thin for me to have a laser. In consultation with the doctors we agreed that the best option for me is to install ICL phakic lenses. I was scared, but everything went without any problems, my vision was blurred, but the next day it cleared up. “I feel very good because I am no longer addicted to glasses.”