Sistina Oftalmologija together with IAPO mark 3rd of December, the International Patient Solidarity Day. The campaign for International Patient Solidarity Day this year is under the motto: “Patients together create safe healthcare”, and its ultimate goal is to make patients aware of their rights and responsibilities to preserve their health.

Right now, at today’s meeting of the International Patient Solidarity Day, the plan for patient safety globally for the next 9 years (2021-2030) is discussed.

The vision of this plan is a world in which no patient will be harmed in healthcare and will feel empathy, care, security, anywhere and anytime. The goal is for this vision to be supported by authorities around the world.

The mission is to reduce or completely eliminate all types of risks and patient dissatisfaction, through science-based research, strategic partnerships and patient focus.

Sistina Oftalmologija, as of its foundation and as a supporter of the International Patient Solidarity Day, always puts the patient first and in its focus.

Strategic goals that were set at today’s meeting were the Policy for the elimination of harm to the patient, a highly trusted system, safety in clinical processes, engagement of the patient and the patient’s family, continuous training of health professionals, accurate information and ongoing research.

Sistina Oftalmologija creates and lives the philosophy of Patient Experience (PX) on a daily basis, through which the strategic goals and policies of the International Alliance of Patient Organizations are applied every day.

We implement the model of Patient Luxury Experience (PLX) offering more than excellent clinical care – but a model that addresses every aspect of a patient’s encounter with Sistina Oftalmologija, including the patient’s physical comfort, as well as their educational, emotional, and spiritual needs.