Dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski and Dr. Biljana Kostovska were part of the 35th European Congress of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, held from October 7th to 11th in the center of Lisbon, Portugal.

It was attended by over 10,000 ophthalmologists, including eminent Professors from around the world.

Our clinic follows the latest achievements and scientific opportunities in the world with its representatives. Dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski spoke on the topic “Congenital cataract-surgical treatment” – for cataracts in children with special reference to the severity of surgery. Due to the specificity of the lens structure and the long-term postoperative treatment of vision development, these surgeries must be performed exclusively by an experienced surgeon.

The lecture of Dr. Biljana Kostovska entitled: “ICL vs LASIK in visual acuity outcome” presented our experiences with the implantation of the latest phakic lenses, in young patients from 18 to 45 years, to solve diopters and the possibility of greater comfort without wearing glasses with larger diopters (up to -20 diopters, i.e. up to + 12 diopters and a cylinder over ± 3.0 diopters). The good results and the number of patients attracted the attention of the ophthalmic audience.

Some of the lectures at the European Congress were dedicated to the latest technology in the treatment of cataracts as the biggest cause of blindness in the world. The latest achievements in implants, intraocular lenses, both for solving the type of farsightedness and for solving the growing problem of presbyopia (nursing farsightedness) were also shown. Refractive surgery, i.e. laser diopter correction, phakic lenses and implantation of multifocal and toric lenses were the most common topics of the congress in the form of lectures or video presentations.