The first private eye hospital, Sistina Ophthalmologija, continues to grow and has opened its fifth consecutive diagnostic center, this time in Kumanovo. The previous as well as current practise, has shown that the investments of this hospital in opening new diagnostic centers exceed the better quality of medical care, increased the satisfaction and the number of patients of this hospital.

The people of Kumanovo, as well as all patients from the surrounding region who need ophthalmology services, will now be able to preventively and promptly solve vision and eye problems for themselves, their children and their parents, reducing the costs as well as the risk of complications.

The newly opened diagnostic center, located at the 3ta Makedonska Udarna Brigada, has the most modern equipment and technology that will help our team of ophthalmologists carry out accurate and timely diagnoses, as well as establish precise plans for treatment and follow-up of operative treatment in coordination with the protocols and standards of their ophthalmology center in Skopje. Apart from the complete diagnostics of eye conditions such as cataract, glaucoma, bleeding of the eye, strabismus etc., minor surgical interventions that treat vision conditions, injuries, application of Anti-VEGF therapy and removal of barley in the eye, also take place in the center.

Sistina Ophthalmologija is the only eye hospital in the country that offers integrated and continuous care in the entire territory of the country by monitoring and coordinating the conditions of its patients between the operational center in Skopje and its diagnostic centers. The hospital continously invests in the development and improvement of all technical and human capabilities in the world of medical medicine, but also in the field of communication and the work team. Sistina Ophthalmologija will continue to build its future based on the patient’s positive experiences  and their needs. The new diagnostic center in Kumanovo is another confirmation of the achievement of this mission.