We have proved once again that knowledge is power and a real investment for development. Our CEO Dr. Vesna Cado was invited to speak as DBA alumni at the first webinar for doctoral studies at the University of Monaco, where more than 80 doctoral students completed their studies. 

She shared her personal experiences, but foremost all the benefits of this program in the successful management and development of our hospital. Dr. Cado singled out the period from the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis in March 2020, when it took expert knowledge, experience, speed, and efficiency to succeed. Namely, the teamwork and the timely restructuring of the hospital in accordance with the latest academic research and world health and management practices enabled Sistina Ophthalmology to continue working and to provide medical care to all who need it. The increasing number of patients and interventions this year is due, among other things, to the responsibility, timeliness, and seriousness with which the hospital team responded during the greatest crisis to protect patients, its staff, and the wider community. The director of the DBA program prof. Mariateresa Torkia, who is also the director of the research center at the renowned University of Monaco.