• Are multifocal lenses a solution for patients who have cataracts?

Yes of course. Refractive error of the eye may occur even before the onset of cataracts. Whether it is myopia, farsightedness or astigmatism, after cataract surgery, after we remove it, we bring the eye to the so-called. zero position, from which the refraction is solved by the installation of multifocal lenses, with which we will get the optimal vision for all three distances.

  • What is the earliest patient age for multifocal lenses?

All patients after the age of forty can be ideal candidates. Between the ages of 40 and 45, one enters a period of presbyopia or aging diopters. Then there is a problem reading or working nearby, more light is needed and you feel tired or have a headache. The natural lens of the eye loses its elasticity and finds it harder to focus on nearby objects. The patient, if he wore glasses for far, now gets another pair, for close. If he is working on a computer and is at a medium distance, he will need a third pair of glasses (they become strong for proximity and the distance glasses are weak). Then multifocal lenses are an ideal solution, because they can replace three pairs of glasses.