“It is a wonderful feeling to see the world again in a crystal clear image – without blurred vision, without wearing glasses or contact lenses. I am grateful to the team of Sistina Ophthalmology, and especially to nurse Vesna Madzarova and optometrist Vida, and the biggest thanks to Dr. Biljana Kostovska – for all the support and their availability 24/7 even outside working hours. For all the regular check-ups for which they were detailed and careful every time and for always patiently explaining to me what was happening so that I could understand.”- our patient Biljana Ristovska (27 years old) started telling us, where the problem with high diopters was solved by fitting lenses.

“For 7 years I did not want to wear glasses, even though I had diopters. As the diopter began to grow, I already had to wear an aid so that I could see clearly and function without any problems. Since I did not want to wear glasses at all, I decided on the only solution that was possible for me at that time – contact lenses. I wore them for 11 years. I literally saw nothing without them. I was happy to be able to wear contact lenses, but here’s another small problem – I could not wear colored contact lenses because of the diopter size I had. And I accepted that moment and moved on. In the next few years, all sorts of things happened to me with contact lenses, which is certainly very familiar to all people who wear lenses: I lost them; I would drop a lens and need help from my mother to find it; frequent eye infections especially because mine are very sensitive etc.

I have been thinking about laser diopter correction for a long time. A friend of mine had already done it and explained the whole procedure to me. But over time, as I got on well with my contact lenses, I delayed coming to the examination. And when something happened to my contact lenses, such as a new infection, I immediately thought of coming for an examination, but somehow that was not enough for me to make a decision. Even after the persuasions of everyone around me (my loved ones) I still could not decide. I made the cut and decided to schedule an examination in December – I got a nephew and realized how much I needed my eyesight to be able to help.

The day of the examination for the laser diopter correction had come. Everything went as it should, I was visibly happy and looking forward to agreeing on a date for laser diopter correction, when Dr. Biljana told me that I had to wear only glasses for a while because I had been wearing contact lenses for 11 years without rest and corneal scans showed that I had to wait before any decision was made on the intervention itself. I cannot describe to you what a storm of emotions happened to me at that moment.

For me, quarantine was a period where I finally put on my glasses and rested my eyes from the contact lenses. After only two months of wearing glasses there was a positive difference in the tests and in fact it turned out that my cornea was thin and I was a candidate for lenses. Dr. Biljana and Vida explained everything to me nicely, they even drew it just to understand what is happening with my cornea and why these lenses are a better solution for me.

A week ago I did the intervention and everything went well. I had immense support from all my closest people (you know who you are 😊). I can say one thing – I’m really sorry I did not decide earlier! The next day after the operation, my eyesight started to stabilize. I realized what I had missed. I could see my nephew without any trouble 😊

I will never regret my decision to entrust the health of my eyes to Sistina Ophthalmology, and they in turn gave me full and sincere care and a world full of colors, plants, people and animals that for me were previously just blurred figures. “My happiness is immeasurable!”