The award for the best doctoral dissertation on “Patient Luxury Experience (PLX): How patients experience luxury in medical services” was presented to our Executive Director Dr. Vesna Chado by the National Council of Monaco on 10.12.2021, in Monaco. The doctoral dissertation is based on the results of the work of Sistina Ophthalmology by applying the model of a patient’s positive experience.

Earning a doctoral degree gives students a new perspective on the business world, earning them more credibility in their field among their peers, potential employers, and the business industry.

The results of the research indicated that each patient is a different person with different expectations and emotions. Every patient wants to be treated in a way that they will understand and feel safe. Therefore, the main focus of this model is primarily the cooperation of medical staff with patients and gaining mutual trust, which greatly affects the final outcome of medical treatment, but also encourages patients to take preventive care of their health.

The application of this model was especially important for the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. The teamwork and timely restructuring of the hospital following the latest academic research and world health and management practices enabled Sistina Ophthalmology to continue to work and provide medical care to all who need it. The increasing number of patients and interventions this year is due, among other things, to the responsibility, timeliness, and seriousness with which the hospital team responded during the worst crisis to protect patients, its staff, and the wider community.

Our positive practices in dealing with Covid 19 were confirmed in a study published in the prestigious Patient Experience Journal, along with studies conducted at Stanford University and Yale School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Health Systems, New York University, and Boston Hospital.

Dr. Vesna Chado is the first Ph.D. in Health Management at the prestigious International University of Monaco. Dr. Vesna Chado was invited to present her work at renowned events in the field of health management.