The renowned American Institute for Patient Experience (PX) – The Beryl Institute acknowledged Sistina Ophthalmology for its contribution to patient care and the creation of positive experiences. Link to the news here.

This Institute has been dedicated for many years to improving the patient experience through research work, as well as through the creation of human resources.

“The culture of creating positive experiences for patients is the basic model on which the work of ‘Sistina Ophthalmology’ is based from the very beginning. We go beyond just great medical results and a solution to our patients’ problem. We also care about the way we do it, to help them feel as good as possible. They come to us with stress, fear and uncertainty about the results of their examination. Therefore, with a lot of attention and understanding of the circumstances of their problems, we approach them, finding an adequate and individual solution only for patients and their life needs.” – said Dr. Vesna Chado, Executive Director and creator of the philosophy for Patient Experience in Sistina Ophthalmology.

“Several years ago, we established the Patient Experience Office (Center for Patient Experience), which is the first of its kind in the region and beyond. Through this Center, the hospital actively monitors and applies the latest scientific knowledge and practices in health management. The team of professionals in the field of health management, communications, digital marketing and medicine, daily creates, proposes and implements strategies and programs, coordinated with the clinical part of the hospital, which creates a positive atmosphere and experiences for you, our patients. The result of our team work is a large family of our satisfied and loyal patients, which is expanding and increasing every day. “- added Dr. Vesna Chado.