Donka Tipovska Nastova (34 years old) comes to us from Tetovo. She is one of the winners of a free laser diopter correction examination. Due to the very high diopter that cannot be corrected with laser correction, Donka was advised to implant phakic lenses. And so on June 29, as she says, she woke up the other person in her 😊

“My story about wearing glasses started 20 years ago, in my puberty when I was only 14 years old. Although for many of my classmates, friends, relatives, wearing glasses was a handicap, for me it was not. I wore them with pleasure, and even at all the important life events such as high school graduation, university graduation and my wedding. 😊 Then, when it was time to have children, the problem arose. After my two pregnancies, my diopter increased a lot. My -1 and -1.50 increased several times, and I was already a mother of two children who needed daily attention: to read to them, to look for their lost toys in the apartment, to walk in the park and so on. And so, every day, following the website of “Sistina Ophthalmology” and watching their ads on TV, I got the desire to visit them, but I also procrastinated. Until the moment when they published a post on their Facebook page in which they assigned free examinations for laser diopter correction. Anyway, in disbelief, I joined the award by commenting according to the instructions in the post and in a few days I received a message that I am one of the five winners of the free examination! Here was my turn in life. I went and did the examination at now ‘my’ Dr. Fanka Gilevska. We concluded that the diopter is high and that for me a suitable option is diopter correction with the implantation of phakic lenses. It was up to me to decide whether to prolong my life with glasses and headaches or to solve it once and for all! And so it happened. On June 29th this year, we did the intervention and the other person in me woke up. Just like that, in just 10 minutes I could see literally everything around me without the help of glasses. It was simply amazing, but true. That is why I am deeply grateful to the entire Sistina Ophthalmology team and to my Dr. Fani, who selflessly supported me and was available to me at all times. My advice to all your patients and future candidates for laser diopter correction or other diopter correction method: to solve, to overcome your fear, to take that step because people believe that after only a few minutes you see the world with different eyes!“