This year as well, “Sistina Ophthalmology” in cooperation with the University Clinic “Svjetlost”, Zagreb, organized the II Symposium “Novelties in Ophthalmology”, which was approved by the Medical Chamber of Macedonia. The symposium was held in the conference rooms of the Marriott Hotel in Skopje, on November 4th.

An integral approach to solving eye problems was the main focus of the symposium. About 300 guests (ophthalmologists, general practitioners, endocrinologists and medical students) from Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Croatia were present at the event.

The symposium consisted of two blocks. In the first block, in the part of cataract surgery, Dr. Ante Barisic (“Svjetlost”) and Dr. Zlatko Arnaudovski (“Sistina Ophthalmology”) gave lectures. They talked about the advantages of modern cataract-refractive surgery and the experience of patients with the new monofocal lenses with extended focus (which function as multifocal lenses).

Then, the part of refractive surgery followed where Dr. Maja Bohach (“Svetletost”) and Dr. Biljana Kostovska (“Sistina Ophthalmology”) explained the application of the Athenian protocol for the treatment of keratoconus with PRK, as well as the advantages of phakic lenses patients with high diopters. Dr. Fanka Gilevska (“Sistina Ophthalmology”) presented a series of cases of positive results in patients diagnosed with keratoconus, after crosslinking treatment and significantly improved vision with Rose K lenses.

After a short break, the second block of lectures on vitreoretinal surgery began. Dr. Ratimir Lazic (“Svjetlost”) and Dr. Ilir Osmani (“Sistina Ophthalmology”) showed and explained short videos of complicated surgical cases of eye injuries, retinal ablation, etc., which are also done in “Svjetlost “(Croatia) and in “Sistina Ophthalmology” (Macedonia).

This year, Dr. Viktorija Fileva gave a lecture on the diagnosis and treatment of strabismus in “Sistina Ophthalmology”, while prof. Dr. Nikica Gabrich made a connection between the experience of doctors and the transfer of their knowledge to their young colleagues with a lecture on “Manager or Leader”.

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