Ophthalmologist and surgeon

Medical specialty:

  • vitreoretinal surgery;
  • cataract surgery;
  • refractive surgery

Up close with Dr. Ilir Osmani

“You need to explain the condition carefully to the patients so that they can understand you”

  • You are considered a doctor who is always open to new experiences. Does that mean you are a proponent of the “we learn all our lives” thesis?

Yes, we doctors should always be up to date with new knowledge, the application of new technologies and methods in treatment. All this facilitates our work and leads us forward in performing interventions. We simply have to learn throughout our career, to exchange knowledge and experiences. This is how we progress as doctors, and we give patients excellent experiences in terms of health and quality of life.

  • For a relatively young doctor, you have a rich and successful career. How did you find yourself in the field you work in?

While studying medicine and preparing for an ophthalmology exam, I was fascinated by the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the eye. Most of all, I loved this area. New devices and achievements are another step in achieving the highest results in the treatment of eye diseases. It is a great challenge for all of us who work in this field.

  • You perform complex interventions, what is your approach to patients?

The approach to patients is always different. It is very important that they defocus from what is currently their problem. You just have to listen to them, even understand what makes them happy and what makes them happy outside the hospital – from the treatment. Then they start to feel like a friend, and they have more confidence in you.

  • How do they overcome fear and negative emotions before the procedure?

Fear and negative emotions usually come from insecurity, from not knowing what the disease means, what its course is and what are the ways to treat it. When that is explained to them, then we can jointly analyze the situation and make a joint solution.

  • How do you spend your free time?

I want to read. For me, that is a quality fulfillment of my free time. Good novels or interesting professional literature are ways I relax. Reading always leads me to positive changes in life. It simply makes people better, despite all the other benefits.

    • Do you do any sport activities?
  • Cycling is my favorite sport activity. It helps me to get rid of unpleasant thoughts and feelings, to feel good and to reduce the stress caused by daily activities. Cycling gives me extra energy and fills me with a sense of satisfaction. I also like to jog, I feel physically healthy and happy.

        • Your wife also works at Sistina Ophthalmology. Is it an advantage or disadvantage for spouses to work in the same institution?

    There are advantages and disadvantages. She works in marketing and our professions actually complement each other. This makes it easier to understand and have common themes that relate to what we do. Disadvantages, on the other hand, are individual and change over time. What is important is that we can work together to balance our private and professional lives, and to plan our responsibilities and free time.