Best practices of “Sistina Ophthalmology“ in time of COVID-19 among Stanford School of Medicine, Boston Hospital and John Hopkins Health System

In time of COVID-19, “Sistina Ophthalmology“ implemented four pillar model addressing: organizational changes, engaging employees, communication with patients and recognizing its social responsibility. When everybody decided to close and stop their operational activities, our hospital decided to anticipate disruption versus reacting to disruption to stay operational and help those in need of eye care.

We are delighted that best practices of our hospital facing COVID -19 were recognised internationally. The Article “Positive patient experience in eye care during COVID-19: A case from Eye Hospital Sistina Oftalmologija” from our executive director Dr. Vesna Cado, has been published in the renowned Patient Experience Journal, part of The Beryl Institute.

You can read the full Article on this link: