Patient Experience

We are an eye hospital dedicated to creating positive experiences for you, our patients!

We go beyond just an excellent medical results and solution for your problem. We care about the way we do it for you and to help you feel better. Each of you is unique, and we have an individual approach with a relevant and unique treatment, solely for the patient. Our care for you begins even before we meet at the hospital, and does not end when you leave the hospital. We are continuously dedicated to you and your needs.

We care about you in the same way we care about our closest ones.

For that purpose, we created the Patient Experience Office, now operating for several years, first and one of a kind in this region. With this office, the hospital actively follows up, implements the latest scientific knowledge, and practices in the health management. The team of professionals in the area of medical management, communication, digital marketing and medicine, creates, proposes and conducts strategies and programs on a daily basis. All that coordinated with the clinical part of the hospital, crating positive atmosphere and experiences for you, our patients.

We believe that:

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”- Maya Angelou

Dr. Vesna Cado
Executive director

“We understand what our patients need and we know how to deliver it. For all’s well being. “- Dr. Vesna Cado

Marija Gurovikj
Hristina Ristovska
Maja Muratovska Changovska
Stefani Nedelkova
Vesna Spiroska
Aleksandra Kolarska
Flutra Osmani

Dr. Vesna Cado and Patient Experience Office continuously organise courses to upgrade knowledge on leadership and communication skills of hospital staff in accordance with PX philosophy.

„Sistina Ophtalmology“ during COVID -19

In this COVID-19 time we undertook additional measures and activities for emergency intervention, through simplified communication and continuity in care for our patients eyes’ health, as well as the communication among our employees.  

  • We have established a Crisis Committee in charge of quick situation evaluation and decisions making process regarding our operation  
  • Our employees’ organization process was changed for the purpose of responding to the interventions emergency.  

Part of the medical and administrative personnel was separated in teams that are rotating in accordance with a previously arranged schedule, while part of the non medical employees work from home. Team meetings are being held on a daily basis online in order to have full coordination and motivation to jointly hold on and share the positive energy.

  • We have adapted our working hours in accordance with the recommendations, at the same informing the public on a regular basis.

Our hospitals in Skopje and Bitola work only in one shift and we have redirected our patients from our hospitals in Gostivar and Tetovo to Skopje.

  • We introduced a Protocol for preventive reccomendations for the urgent patients to feel safe during the examination/intervention.  

This Protocol refers to compulsory mask wear, personal hygene, restricted entrance, restricted hospital fluctuation, compulsory check at the safety control conducted by the medical staff at the hospital entrances – all in all for the preventive protection of all patients and medical employees. Part of this Protocol is also to fill in a questionnaire when scheduling and examination that is made for every patient.  

  • We have introduced special Protocols for wearing protective equipment and disinfection of medical, non medical personnel and hospital area

Medical employees were equipped with protection masks, glasses, visors, gloves, protective single use overalls which they through away or disinfect at the end of the working hours. All hospital areas are disinfected on a regular basis before and after every patient. Maintaining good hygiene is crucial.   

  • We have open a free telephone line for doctor’s advices +389 72 268 874 available every day from 08:00 until 20:00 hrs

All of those who have need for consulation, advice, therapy or have an emergency can reach us through this number and immidately receive advice from our ophthalmologist. Available for telephone advice, SMS, Viber and WhatsApp.

  • We have created a special COVID -19 web section that has useful information for our patients. Various recommendations about the virus and how it can affect the eyes; protection recommendation and children protection as well as advices how to overcome stress in these difficult circumstances. Our web site is updated on a regular basis with the latest, relevant and checked information.
  • On a daily basis we have published useful information and we are available to our patients to our social media profiles – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

In a transparent way, we are sharing photos of our staff that strives to give our patients the best possible care and resolution for their eye problems, all in all for the purpose of mutual protection. We share useful information about eyes conditions, positive and motivational thoughts to help get through this period, as well as patients’ surgeries in this time of emergency. We are in a constant communication with our patients both ways.

  • We have started with the project  „ Ask from the comfort of your home”

To all of those who are at home and want to learn more about their eye problem, we have organized an online consulting with different topic led by a doctor ophthalmologist, where they can talk about different issues and get answers on all of their concerns and questions.

  • We have ensured continuity of care

This is something we have been doing from your very beginning, but in order to reduce the circulation of the patients, patients are communicated by our doctors and medical staff to check up on them, how they feel, in case they need to change the medical treatment and medications and when to come for a check up. This is the group of patients that need to take certain medications for their protection or need to have a surgery.

  • Medical reports available via e-mail

Due to the limited movement, as usuall, the patients can contact our team and receive their medical record via e-mail.

  • We manifested solidarity for the socially vulnerable people

In this time of COVID – 19, the hospital employees have shown their solidarity by donating food and clothes for the most vulnerable families in several municiplaities thorugh the coutnry, as well together with the Red Cross centers.

Patient Experience Office team, together with the leading medical team of doctors and nurses, developed strategies and introduced practices in accordance with the latest scientific knowledge and digital trends in communication.